Pożegnanie z Wolnością


(Lech Makowiecki; English Version: Michael Lonstar)


As the last of human beings
Swaps his brain for a chip
And gets branded like a cattle
Rounded up with a whip

They’ll subdue you with a plastic
And deprive you of your cash
Bigger loans… Tighter grip…
Shorter leash…

When you trade your soul immortal
For a Facebook’s iron chain
And entrust your kids’ upbringing
To the ones who know no shame

When a Matrix scans your face and
Shoots it up into the sky
Close your eyes, remember Her
One final time…

Freedom! Splendid like a dream.
Freedom! An oxygen to breathe.
Freedom! Untamed like a wind.
Freedom… turned in…

Freedom! She’s worth living for.
Freedom! Worth going to a war.
Freedom! More precious than gold.
Freedom is our call.

You are lured with phony freedoms
Choose at will and take your time
With Big Brother making sure that
You would always toe the line.

Too much thinking gives you headache
Choosing what you want to be
Life is easier when you reset

“Man” no longer sounds so proudly
Be a nice obedient lamb
Every right can be aborted
Every truth now can be banned…

Fool is happy like a fool but
Wise one knows it all too well
That this paradise is heading
Straight to hell…

Freedom (etc. refren)

lyrics, music, singing – Lech Makowiecki

Guitar chords:
verse: e/D/a/e/G/a/C/H7/ x2
chorus: e/D/e/D/G/F/C/H7/ x2

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